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Off The Leash v1.2 - 营救大逃亡

软件大小:22.94 MB 软件价格:免费 购买正版  立即免费下载 兼容平台:iPhone,iPod Touch, iOS 4.1 以上 软件语言:英文软件 软件等级:★★★★☆ 发布时间:2012-05-10 HD 热门指数:载入中... 所属标签:休闲 跑酷 



• Simple one-handed tilt-based controls
• 7 different dogs to unlock and customise
• Unlock additional bonus levels, power-ups, and Big Dog attacks by completing missions
• 90 unique missions
• Stunning HD graphics
• Game Center + OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends
• Easy to learn but difficult to master, you’ll be coming back again and again!


版本 1.2 中的新功能

• ALL NEW LOCATION - dogs love running the park, but sometimes you've got to give them some variety. So we've added Track and Field, a brand new location for you to run your dogs in!
• MAN DOG - a new addition to the dog line up, Charlie the "man dog" is actually a man, but prefers to dress up as a dog. And surprisingly he faster than any of the other dogs, even Arnie!
• NEW MISSIONS - 9 new missions added to the lineup, bringing the total number of missions to a massive 99!
• BASEBALL CAP - keep the sun out of your eyes with this sporty hat
• LAND-A PANDA HAT - dress your pup up as Yang Guang, a panda from another of our hit games, Land-a Panda
• WALLPAPERS - keep the dogs from Off the Leash on your phone at all times with these two stylish wallpapers






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